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Lost Tracker

Misplaced your tracker? We can help!

1) Checklist

  • Check the UP app to see what time your tracker last synced. 

    • Tap on the tracker icon in the upper right corner of the homescreen. Then check the last synced time.

    • If it was synced recently, the device is likely nearby.

  • Check your laundry.
    • Trackers are often found attached to clothes in dirty or clean laundry.

2) Troubleshooting

If the checklist doesn’t work, try these troubleshooting steps.

  • Bring your device to the area where you may have lost your tracker. Then, open the app and watch for a sync.
    • If your device syncs, the tracker is nearby.
  • Use the “Find Tracker” feature to see where you last synced.
    • From the homescreen, tap the tracker icon in the top right corner. Then tap on the top part of the right Menu. Then tap “Find Tracker.”
    • Look for your tracker in the last place it was synced. Use step #1 above to help. If you can’t find it, try finding it in places you visited after that location.


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