Jawbone Support
Tracker Button

1) Potential issues

  • Pressing the tracker button does not change modes.
  • The tracker button does not respond.

2) Checklist

Checking the following items can sometimes quickly resolve the issue:

  • Are you in awake mode?
    • You may only change modes from awake mode. 
    • To check your current mode, press the tracker button once.
      • If the runner icon flashes 3 times, you’re in stopwatch mode.
      • If the moon icon flashes once, you’re in sleep mode.
      • To return to awake mode, press and hold the button until you see the runner icon flash once.
  • Does your tracker have battery power?
    • Tap on the tracker icon in the upper right corner of your homescreen to open the right menu.
    • Battery life will be displayed at the top of the right menu.
    • If you are low on battery, or if your tracker has not synced recently, try replacing the battery. See this video to learn how.

3) Troubleshooting steps

Soft reset

Remove and replace the battery to preform a soft reset

  • Use the battery tool to unscrew and remove the battery cap.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Replace the battery, then use the battery tool to replace the battery cap.
  • Sync your tracker to complete the reset process.

4) Still not working?

If the issue is not resolved, please contact us, we’re happy to help!

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