Jawbone Support
Interacting with Friends

Use UP to motivate your friends!


To add a feeling to a friend's activity, tap on the emoticon in the upper right corner of the activity. 


Next, select an emoticon.

Your friend will receive a notification that you added a feeling to their activity. 


To comment on a friend's activity, tap the activity then type your message in the Add a Comment box at the bottom of the screen. When finished, tap Post (iOS) or the checkmark icon (Android). 

Your friend will receive a notification that you left a comment on their activity.



To tag other friends in a comment, type the @ symbol followed by your friend's name then select your friend from the list below. 

When finished, tap Post (iOS) or the checkmark icon (Android). 

Your friend will receive a notification that they've been tagged in an activity. 

User-added image

To view feelings, comments and tags from your friends, open the left menu and tap Inbox.


Select an item to view more details or to reply.

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