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Stopwatch Mode and Workouts

Use Stopwatch mode to track an activity and see performance for a specific period of time. If you forget to put your band in Stopwatch mode, you can add it manually through the app.

  • Putting band into Stopwatch mode
    • To place UP24 into Stopwatch mode, press the button on the band once, then press again and hold until the Sun status light flashes and the band vibrates. To conclude the activity press and hold the button until the Sun status light glows. Any timed activity recorded will be displayed after syncing the band.
    • To adjust any timed activity, select it from the lifeline and tap Edit on the bottom of the summary. The activity type, effort level, start time, and duration can all be adjusted.
  • Adding activity manually
    • If the band has not been placed into Stopwatch mode, the activity can still be recorded through the app. From the Home screen, tap on the step progress bar. Next, select the + in the upper right hand corner and Log Workout. The activity type, effort level, start time, and duration can be adjusted to customize a workout. When completed, tap Save.

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