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Using UP with Pebble

How do I start using the UP App with Pebble?

In the Pebble app on your phone, tap Get Watchfaces and download the UP for Pebble app, then tap add.

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Next, create a new UP account or log in with an existing account. Continue through setup and save.


Which UP App do I use?

There are two UP Apps, one with a blue icon and one with a purple icon. If you have an UP band and are actively using it, use the blue app. If you are using another tracker with your UP App or using your phone's accelerometer to track steps, use the purple app.

Can I track sleep with UP for Pebble if I don’t have an UP band?

Pebble users can track sleep manually using the UP App. To learn more about your unique sleep rhythm, including Light and Sound sleep, use an UP band.

Can I use UP for Pebble with an UP band?

Yes. Note that the UP system will automatically prioritize steps from the Jawbone tracker over steps from Pebble.

I wear an UP band alongside my Pebble, but the step count on my Pebble differs from my UP App. Why is this happening?

Currently the UP for Pebble watchface only displays steps counted by the watch. In addition, if the UP App receives steps from a Pebble and an UP band during the same time period it will display the count reported by the UP band. Because of this, your watchface may appear out of sync.

My Pebble won’t stop buzzing! What should I do?

We’ve found that a factory reset seems to fix this issue. Note that you will lose all data stored on your Pebble in the process.

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