Jawbone Support
Log Your Workout

Log workouts to keep track of your schedule and the number of calories burned. You can also share this data with your friends.

If possible, bring your phone with you during exercise to count your steps.


Log a workout

To log a workout, open the right menu and tap "Log Workout." You can also tap the orange move bar on your homescreen.


Adjust and update your workout data.


Swipe right to choose your activity type.


Slide your finger up and down on the image to adjust effort level.


Adjust workout date, start time and duration.

When finished, tap the check icon in the upper right corner.


Your workout will appear in the orange move bar on your homescreen.

Edit, delete, change privacy settings of a workout

To edit or delete your workout, or to make it private, tap the move bar.


Tap the workout icon on the timeline that represents the activity you want to edit or delete.


To make changes, tap "Edit." To make your workout private, tap "Lock."

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