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Connect to Partner Apps

Connect the UP app to a variety of partner apps to enhance your overall experience. Download data from your favorite apps directly to your UP feed. Unlock new band functionality. Please note that some partner apps require a band, and some do not.

Connect a Partner App

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To connect a partner app to UP, open the left menu and tap “Apps.”

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Browse partner apps in the App Gallery. Tap on the app to learn more and connect it to UP.

Make sure you already have an account with the partner app before connecting to UP as you may be asked to enter partner credentials.

Disconnect a Partner App

You can stop the connection between UP and a partner app at any time. This will not affect your account relationship with the partner app. It simply means that the partner data will no longer appear in UP.

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To disconnect a partner app, open the left menu and tap "Settings," then "Privacy & Sharing."


Scroll down to partner apps and find the app you wish to remove. Tap the minus sign to the left of the name to delete. Toggle the button to the right if you wish to temporarily disable data sharing between UP and the partner app.

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