Jawbone Support
Wearing and Caring

In order to ensure comfort and accurate tracking—including heart rate capture and advanced sleep detection—it’s important to wear your band properly.

We recommend wearing the band on your non-dominant wrist.


Wearing Your Band

Hold the band upright with the loop at the bottom.

Note the location of your band's sensors.

Place the band on your non-dominant wrist, then rest your wrist on a flat surface.

Thread the strap through the loop then tighten the strap to hold the loop in place.

The fit should be snug, but not too tight.

Note where the clasp lands then remove the band and adjust the buckle accordingly.

Put the band back on and insert the clasp just over the buckle to secure the band to your wrist.

To remove the band, lift the strap and slide the clasp away from the buckle.

Caring For Your Band

Your UP3 is rain, splash and sweat-resistant. However, your band should be removed before showering, swimming or other extreme conditions (such as saunas and steam rooms).

Use a wet cloth to clean your band, or gently rub your band with isopropyl alcohol.

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