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Band Notifications

You can receive notification alerts directly on your band. When you receive notification alerts, your band vibrates and the status light icons flash different patterns, depending on the notification type.

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Step Goal

When you reach your step goal for the day, your band vibrates and the three status light icons flash. Tap the band surface of your band once to dismiss.

Smart Alarm

Use Smart Alarm to wake you up during a period of Light sleep. Click here to learn more about setting alarms & alerts. 

If you use Smart Alarm, your band wakes you up with gentle vibrations. The notification and moon icons also flash. Tap once to dismiss.


Use Reminders in the UP App to stay on top of your goals. You’ll see the following status light behavior with each type of Reminder:


Status light behavior


Moon and notification icon flash.


Runner and notification icon flash.


Notification icon flashes.


Notification icon flashes.


Notification icon flashes.


Notification icon flashes.

To dismiss a Reminder, gently tap the band surface of your tracker once.

Idle Alert

Idle Alerts notify you when you have been still for a specified period of time. If you use Idle Alerts and have been idle for a specified period of time, the runner icon will flash for a few seconds, then stop. You do not need to dismiss an Idle Alert.

Click here to learn more about Idle Alerts. 

UP App Notification

UP sends a variety of push notifications to your phone so you know your current status and once you've achieved a goal for the day. For example, you may receive a push notification once you've accomplished a "Today I Will..." Your band notifies you of these events as well by flashing the notification icon and vibrating. Check the UP App to see the full notification message.

For instructions on disabling push notifications, click here.

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