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Syncing Issues


  • Tracker doesn’t sync with the UP App.
  • Tracker doesn’t automatically sync with the UP App.
  • Tracker doesn’t consistently sync with the UP App.


First Steps


Verify Internet Connection

Your UP tracker requires an active Internet connection to sync your data with the UP App. Verify that your mobile device is connected to the Internet by opening a webpage through the device’s web browser.

Confirm Bluetooth is Enabled

In addition to an active Internet connection, the Bluetooth feature on your mobile device must be turned on for your tracker to sync with the UP App. Confirm Bluetooth is enabled via the Settings menu of your iOS or Android device.

Move Closer

When within 33 feet of your mobile device, your tracker syncs with the UP App every minute the app is open (and every 20 minutes when the app is running in the background). Your tracker will not sync—and may unpair from the UP App—if outside of this 33 foot range.

Check for App and Tracker Updates

Make sure you have the latest version of the UP App and that your tracker's firmware is up to date. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Charge Your Tracker

Syncing may be inconsistent if your UP tracker’s battery level is low. Fully charge your tracker—which takes approximately 60-90 minutes—and attempt to sync again.

Determine Device Compatibility

Your UP tracker is compatible with most iOS and Android devices via the UP App. Click here to determine whether your device is compatible.


Next Steps

If the steps above were unable to resolve the syncing issues with your tracker, we suggest the following actions:

1. Unpair Your Tracker

  • After signing in with your existing account, tap the band icon in the upper right hand corner of the UP App home screen.
  • Next, tap Add a New UP then tap OK to finish unpairing your tracker.

2. Disable Bluetooth

  • Disable the Bluetooth feature from the Settings menu of your iOS or Android device.

3. Restart Mobile Device

  • Power down your mobile device then turn the device on again to complete the restart process.

4. Reset Your Tracker

Please note resetting your tracker will not delete your stored data.

  • Attach your band to the included charging cable, by aligning the magnetic pins on the charging cable with the charging ports on the band. Click here for step-by-step charging instructions.
  • With the band attached, plug the charging cable into a powered USB port.
  • Wait until the three status lights on your band begin to cycle, then remove the charging cable from the USB port.
  • Quickly plug the charging cable back into the powered USB port within 5 seconds.
  • All three status lights should flash in unison, slowly at first, then accelerating rapidly, until all three status lights remain solidly lit for 1 second. This light pattern takes about 4-5 seconds to complete.
  • Once all three status lights begin to cycle, the soft reset is complete.

5. Re-enable Bluetooth

  • Re-enable the Bluetooth feature from the Settings menu of your iOS or Android device.

6. Re-pair Your Tracker

  • Open the UP App then tap the band icon in the upper right hand corner of the UP App home screen.
  • Select the Connect an UP Tracker option.
  • Choose your UP tracker.
  • The app will now prompt you to activate your tracker, by attaching it to the included charging cable then plugging the charging cable into a powered USB port.
  • When the tracker lights up, remove it from the charging cable then tap Next on the UP App screen.
  • Once the app locates your tracker, you’ll be prompted to touch and hold the band’s surface until it vibrates. The vibration indicates your tracker has paired with the UP App.
  • Tap OK to complete pairing your tracker with your UP account.

If the issues with your band persist after completing the steps in this article, click here for further assistance.

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