iOS 10 Update:
The UP App has been optimized for the recent iOS 10 release. If you're having difficulties syncing or pairing your tracker on iOS 10, please update to the latest version of the UP App.
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Resetting Your Band

Soft Reset

Resetting your band can help resolve difficulties syncing, poor battery life, vibration issues and more.

A soft reset is the first option to attempt if you're having issues with your tracker. Performing a soft reset will not delete any activity data from your band.

To perform a soft reset:

1. Attach your band to the included charging cable, by aligning the magnetic pins on the charging cable with the charging ports on the band.
2. With the band attached, plug the charging cable into a powered USB port.
3. Wait until the three status lights on your band begin to cycle, then remove the charging cable from the USB port. 
4. Quickly plug the charging cable back into the powered USB port within 5 seconds.
5. All three status lights should flash in unison, slowly at first, then accelerating rapidly, until all three status lights remain solidly lit for 1 second. This light pattern takes about 4-5 seconds to complete.
6. Once all three status lights begin to cycle, the soft reset is complete. 

Secondary Reset

If the issues with your tracker aren't resolved after performing a soft reset, we recommend attempting a secondary reset. Rest assured that performing a secondary reset will not delete your band's data. 

To perform a secondary reset:

1. Connect your band to the USB charging cable. 
2. Locate the small button on the side of the charging cable. 
3. Use a paperclip to press and hold the button for 3 seconds. 
4. Release the button then quickly plug the charging cable into a powered USB port. 
5. The display icons on your band should flash. 
6. Leave your band connected until fully charged, then remove it from the charging cable.
7. Sync your band with the UP App to complete the secondary reset. 

If the issues with your band persist after completing the steps in this article, please contact our Support team for additional assistance.

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