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Understanding Your Data

UP offers a variety of options for viewing your data. Each provides a different perspective on what living UP means for you.

Home Screen 

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The home screen of the UP App displays your personalized data via the Move, Sleep and Food Score progress bars. Each progress bar increases as your tracker syncs with the app or as you manually add data. 

As your data is updated, UP analyzes the information and uses its Smart Coach feature to suggest unique goals that fit your lifestyle. Smart Coach provides you with educated tips specific to what it learns through your personalized data over time. 

Smart Coach proposes challenges for you to improve upon previous benchmarks you’ve established. If you choose to accept a challenge, UP will encourage you throughout the day to meet that goal.​

Activity Feed

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The activity feed below the progress bars on your home screen allows you to review your historical data, as well as data your UP friends have chosen to share. Tapping on your own activity entry provides a more detailed view of that entry, while tapping on your friends' activities allows you to leave them comments and encouragement. 

Summary Screens

Summary screens provide detailed views of your Move, Sleep, and Food Score data. Access these screens by tapping the progress bars on the home screen for each specific data type. 

In addition, you can view the Move and Sleep summary screens of your UP friends by tapping on any of these entries in your activity feed.

Sleep Summary Screen

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The Sleep summary screen displays comprehensive data automatically collected by your tracker while you sleep, including how long you slept, amount of time spent in different states of sleep (Light sleep and Sound sleep), how many times you woke up while you slept and the length of time you stayed awake.

Move Summary Screen

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The Move summary screen displays how many steps you’ve taken on a particular day, your idle time, active time, as well as the total amount of calories burned, both resting and active. 


Food Score Summary Screen

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The Food Score summary screen is designed to help you understand the healthiness of your logged meals at a glance, while also allowing for a quick dive into more detailed information.

The UP Food Score is determined by averaging the assigned point value of your logged meals. Each type of food is assigned a score from 1 to 10, with 1 indicating least healthy and 10 indicating healthiest. 


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