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To help you get the most from UP, we’ve developed partnerships that deliver specialized, targeted tools.  Whether you’re looking to move more, eat better, or improve sleeping habits, these training partners empower you to reach goals faster. Once integrated with UP, these trainers work with Smart Coach to help you track progress and stay motivated along the way:  


Want even more options to enhance your UP experience?  See the App Gallery for additional partner options.

Supports iOS & Android

MapMyFitness enables you to use the GPS of your mobile device to track more than 600 fitness activities.

MapMyFitness connects with UP and allows users to visualize all their workout data on their UP Feed, giving them a complete picture of their activity over time.  UP also sends steps and sleep data to the MapMyFitness Dashboard.  

In addition to a freemium app service, MapMyFItness offers their MVP premium subscription, which features additional workout analysis and advanced coaching features. The MVP subscription can be purchased via the Jawbone Marketplace.

Supports iOS & Web

FitStar is the next-gen fitness app that makes it easy to work out anytime, anywhere with Programs specifically designed for your fitness level.  When connected with UP, FitStar sends workouts logged into the UP Feed.  (UP does not send data into FitStar.)

FitStar Basic allows for two workout sessions per week. FitStar Premium allows unrestricted access to all features. FitStar Premium subscriptions are available through the Jawbone Marketplace.

Supports iOS, Android & Web
Get in the best shape of your life with Fitocracy. Boost your motivation, get free workouts and work with real trainers to reach your goals.  
Integrate with UP and your Feed updates when you hire a coach or log a workout in Fitocracy.

Supports iOS & Android

Kiqplan uses data from your UP Fitness Tracker (e.g. steps, calories burned) to design a weight loss and fitness plan specifically for you.  Select from four different plans depending on your individual goals:

  1. Slim and Trim
  2. Good Bye Baby Bump
  3. Beer Belly Blaster
  4. Healthy Baby Bump
While only the Slim and Trim plan is sold through the Jawbone Marketplace, all plans integrate with UP and provide the same in-app experiences, including: steps, workouts and sleeps (basic information) logged in UP are pulled into Kiqplan, and when a new week of Kiqplan begins, a meal suggestion appears in your UP Feed.

Supports iOS only

Struggle with getting enough quality sleep?  Improve your sleep with proven cognitive and behavioral techniques, personalized using your UP data.  A free 7-day trial is available for UP users, and after sleep data is pulled from UP into Sleepio, you can complete an educational Sleep Session. Once the session has completed, a message displays in your UP Feed.

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