Jawbone Support
Heart Rate

Potential Issues

  • Heart rate data does not display in the app.

  • Heart rate data seems inaccurate.

Helpful Tips

UP4 currently reads your resting and passive heart rate, not your active heart rate. 

  • Your resting heart rate can be viewed every morning by tapping the heart icon on the UP App home screen. Our passive heart rate feature delivers a view of your heart rate throughout the day while your body is still. To learn more about Jawbone's approach to heart rate, please visit our blog.
Make sure the band sensors are making direct contact with your wrist. 
  • UP4 should fit comfortably, but tight enough where the sensors are making contact with your wrist. Click here for a brief video tutorial on how to properly wear your tracker.

Check your mobile device's Bluetooth settings.  

  • Your band cannot sync with the UP App if the Bluetooth function on your mobile device is disabled. Open your mobile device's settings to verify that Bluetooth is enabled. 

Confirm your mobile device is connected to the internet. 

  • In order to sync your data, the UP App needs to be connected to the internet. Open your mobile web browser and confirm that you're able to access the web. 

Additional Troubleshooting

Still experiencing issues with your heart rate data? Click here for additional troubleshooting steps. 


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