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Duels Rules

Duels are head-to-head step battle lasting 24 hours, 3 days or 1 week. Step more than your opponent to win. Your steps are automatically synced from your UP tracker. If you don't have an UP tracker, you can still track your steps via your compatible mobile device or smartwatch. 

Starting a Duel

1. From the left hand menu of the UP App, tap Duels then tap Start a Duel to begin. 
2. Next, select an opponent, duration of the Duel, and whether you'd like the Duel to be public or private.
3. Tap the Send It button to invite your opponent to Duel. 
4. The Duel begins when the invite is accepted. Unanswered invites expire after 5 days.


Each Duel has a privacy setting. In a public Duel, all Duel-related information, including your name, photo, steps and comments, will be visible to the friends of both Duelers. In a private Duel, only the two Duelers can see and comment on the Duel.

The person initiating a Duel chooses whether it will be public or private. Once an invite is sent, the privacy setting cannot be changed.

Ending a Duel

You can end a Duel early by tapping the icon in the upper right corner of the Duel screen. This initiates a forfeit and will count as a loss. The Duel will also be removed from the activities of both Duelers.

Non-forfeited Duels end when time expires. Both you and your opponent have an additional 24 hours to sync your steps and only steps taken during the period of the Duel count toward the final score. 

Additional Rules and Tips


Notifications for Duels are automatically enabled, providing reminders to sync and alerting you if your opponent passes you. 

Duel Results and Comments

Check the latest results and detailed information for your Duel by tapping Duels in the left menu then selecting which Duel you'd like to view. You can also comment, cheer or taunt your opponent in the detailed view of your Duel. 

Maximum Number of Duels

You can initiate up to 10 Duels at a time. Once you've reached that number, you must wait until someone responds or withdraw an invitation before you can invite someone to a new Duel.

Dueling Non-Friends

You can duel anyone in the UP system, even if they are not connected to you. You will be given the option to add them as a friend after the Duel ends.

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Let the games begin!

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