Jawbone Support
Setting Up Your Band

Download the UP App for iOS or Android then watch the video below to get started.


    Wearing and Caring



    To put it on, slip your fingers and hand through the opening, then slide the band down and onto your wrist.

    To take it off, grasp one side of the band where the two ends meet and pull the band straight away from your arm.



    To clean light dirt or residue, wet a cloth or cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol or an alcohol-based sanitizer and gently rub it on the outside of the band. Dry with a clean towel or cloth. Do not submerge the band in cleaning liquid.



    If you experience difficulties setting up your band, we recommend the following:

    • Click here to determine whether your mobile device meets the compatibility requirements necessary to connect with your UP band.
    • Verify that your mobile device is connected to the Internet by opening a webpage through the device’s web browser.
    • Unplug your UP band then plug it back into your phone’s headphone jack.
    • Make sure your phone’s case is not interfering with the tracker’s physical connection.
    • Fully charge your band then attempt to pair it with the UP App again.

    Warranty Information