Jawbone Support

UP is charged through a USB charging cable that connects to the sync plug on the band. To charge UP, remove the cap and fully connect the sync plug into the charger, then plug the USB cable into a well-powered computer. We do not recommend charging through a USB hub.

Sync your band


The Sun status light pulses when the UP band is charging, and glows solidly once the band is fully charged.

The UP band is charged to about 80% after 45 minutes, and fully charged after 80 minutes. The band’s battery lasts up to 10 days with a full charge.

Remaining battery life is displayed in percentage and days when the band syncs.

Battery life may be affected by certain behaviors, such as the amount of alarms or alerts set, or by charging through a wall adapter instead of through a USB port.

When UP’s battery is low, the Sun status light flashes red three times. If the band is Purple or Orange, the Sun status light flashes 5 times with decreasing intensity and the band will vibrate twice.

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