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Understanding Data

Home Screen

The Home Screen is the starting point for all of UP’s data. After each sync the Move and Sleep bars adjust to display the progress, in percentage, towards daily goals. The number of meals logged is shown in the Eat bar. Tap any of these bars to view details on the summary screens. Below the bars are insight messages—personalized from UP’s data—as well as a running log of your daily activity and the daily activity of your friends.

Daily Summary Screens

The Sleep summary screen shows total time slept and percentage achieved towards the daily goal. This screen also displays how many hours of light and deep sleep were recorded, the period of time that the UP sensed that you were awake, and the total time the band was in Sleep mode.

The Move summary screen shows total steps taken, total distance traveled, and percentage of daily move goal met. Any activity recorded in Stopwatch mode will be displayed as an icon here. This screen also shows the total time active during the day, the greatest length of time of consistent movement, the longest amount of idle time, and total calories burned, as well as the amount of calories burned from both active time and resting time.

The Food summary screen displays the total number of food and drink items logged in a day. Total calories are displayed for items recorded with nutritional information. Tallies of other nutritional data, such as fiber, sugar, protein, and cholesterol are displayed as well. Further towards the bottom of the screen is a food map displaying the location of where food items were logged, as well as a word cloud that shows the foods recorded most often.


The Trend screen shows bar graphs for Eat, Move, and Sleep data recorded over time.
  • Tap the Days, Weeks, and Months tabs to change the time periods.
  • Tap the graph icon at the top right of the screen to select the data to compare, such as weight, amount of deep sleep, or distance traveled.

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