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Activity Data Issues

What to expect:

  • UP uses a precision motion sensor in the band, along with powerful algorithms, to track steps, distance, calories, active time, and idle time. UP uses body movements, age, gender, height, weight, as well as activity intensity and duration to calculate its stats.
  • While variations in user, terrain, and activity conditions can influence specific calculations, testing has shown UP to provide industry-leading accuracy in tracking activity and sleep.

Potential issues:

  • The distance traveled information UP provides does not appear accurate.

Things to try:

How to calibrate:

  • Try calibrating the band to refine its ability to accurately estimate distance traveled. Calibration will only increase accuracy in regards to distance, and will not change step count calculations.
  1. Plan an activity for calibration.
  • The precise distance traveled needs to be known when calibrating the band. We recommend mapping out the route you’ll take in advance, or going to a local track where you can know exactly how far you’ve walked or run.
  • Once your route is planned and you’re ready to start, put your band in Stopwatch mode by pressing the button twice, holding on the second press until the Sun flashes three times and the band vibrates. Complete the walk or run on the planned route and then return the band to Awake mode (press and hold the button until the Sun flashes and the band vibrates).
  • Press the mode button once to prompt your band to connect and sync with the app.
  • Access the right menu screen in the app by selecting the band symbol in the upper right corner of the Home screen.
    Idle alert
  • Click on the first menu option to access your band details. Select Calibrate
    Idle alert
  • Tap start calibration. The activities you’ve logged that are also suitable for calibration will appear on the next screen. Find and select the activity you completed specifically for calibration.
    Idle alert Idle alert
  • Adjust the distance as needed and tap calibrate to sync the band and save the changes.
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If the data still appears inaccurate, please contact us.

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