Jawbone Support
Android Syncing Issues

What to expect:

  • The band will begin syncing automatically when connected to a device opened to the UP App.
  • The band’s status lights will flash when the sync begins.
  • The UP App will display the progress of the sync.

Potential issues:

  • The band does not begin to sync automatically, the sync fails, or the UP app does not recognize the band.
  • This could be an issue with the UP band or the Android device.

Things to try:

  • Try a soft reset
  • Check the Internet connection – The app needs an Internet connection in order to sync the data collected. Open the browser on the device and type in Jawbone.com to ensure that there is an Internet connection.
  • Check the device’s volume settings – Make sure that all music enhancer and equalizer settings are turned off. Apps that change music or sounds settings can also impact syncing.
  • For HTC Phones, Beats Audio needs to be turned off in order for the band to sync. There are two ways to turn this off:
  1. If a sync fails on an HTC phone, the app will display a pop up message to disable Beats Audio. Click on sound settings and click ‘Disable Beats Audio’.
  2. Beats Audio can also be disabled through the device settings. Navigate to the device settings and click on ‘sound/music’. Plug in the UP band or headphones to enable the Beats Audio option. Turn Beats Audio from On to Off.
  • Check the UP band’s sync plug connection – Unplug and then plug the band in again to make sure that it is fully connected – be sure not to stretch of twist your band in the process. If the phone has a case, it may have to be removed.
  • Test the headphone jack on the device – Try listening to audio through corded headphones. If it does not work, try removing any lint or debris from the jack.
  • Quit and relaunch apps:
    1. Short click on the home button to send the UP app into the background, and then hold down the home button until the task switcher is displayed. If the Android device has an app switcher button, tap this button after the UP app has been backgrounded.
    2. Swipe the UP application away to close the app.
    3. Relaunch the UP app from the app launcher on the device.
  • Force stop the app through the application manager:
    1. Navigate to the device’s settings menu.
    2. Click on the application manager and find the UP app.
    3. Try force stopping, then re-entering the app. (This action should not cause any errors.)
  • Reboot the Android device – Power down the device and restart. Re-launch the UP app and attempt the sync again.
If the syncing issue persists, please contact us.

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