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iOS Syncing Issues

What to expect:

  • The band will begin syncing automatically when connected to a device opened to the UP App.
  • The band’s status lights will flash when the sync begins.
  • The UP App will display the progress of the sync.

Potential issues:

  • The band does not begin to sync automatically, the sync fails, or the UP App does not recognize the band.
  • This could be an issue with the UP band or the iOS device.

Things to try:

  • Try a soft reset
  • For iOS 7:
    • Ensure that the UP App has access to your microphone by going to Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone. The headphone jack on your phone also shares the microphone permission, so the UP App will need access.
    • Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and ensure that Mono Audio is OFF.
    • Go to Settings -> Music and ensure that Volume Limit is OFF.
    • Try force quitting the app by first pressing the Home button twice. The list of running apps will appear - swipe the UP App upwards to force quit. After you quit, try re-launching and syncing again.
    • Check the Internet connection. The app needs an Internet connection in order to sync the data collected. Open the browser on the device and type in Jawbone.com to ensure that there is an Internet connection.
    • Check the device's volume settings. Make sure that the volume on the device is all the way up by using the side volume controls.
    • Check the UP band's sync plug connection. Unplug and then plug the band in again to make sure that it is fully connected, be sure not to stretch or twist the band in the process. If the phone has a case, it may have to be removed.
    • Test the headphone jack on the device. Try listening to audio through corded headphones. If it does not work, try removing any lint or debris from the jack.
  • For other version of iOS
    • Quit and relaunch apps:
  1. Double click the Home (menu) button to bring open the tray of all running apps.
  2. Press and hold on any app icon until red minus signs appear.
  3. Tap each minus button to close each app.
  • Re-launch UP and wait for the app to open fully. Once on the Home screen, plug in the band. The sync will start automatically. If it does not, press the Sync Now button on the right menu screen.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the UP App. This will not erase any data.
    1. To uninstall, tap and hold on any app icon until the apps begin wiggling.
    2. Tap the X button that appears on the UP App.
    3. Reinstall the UP App through the app store and sign in using the email associated with the UP account.

If the issue persists, please contact us .

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