Jawbone Support
Charging Issues

What to expect:

The Sun status light pulses in and out while the band charges, and changes to a solid light once charging completes.

UP24 is partially charged after 5 minutes, and fully charged after 80 minutes.


Potential issues:

UP24 appears to be charging properly, but the battery drains immediately, or the band does not respond at all once removed from the charger.

There is no status light response when the band is plugged in to charge.

The band seems to be functioning normally, but will not respond when connected to the charger.


Possible solutions:

  1. Make sure the charge plug is fully inserted into the charger.
  2. Try charging through a different USB port.
  3. Perform a soft reset on the band:
  1. Connect UP24 to the charging cable included with the band, but don’t connect the charger to a power source.
  2. Press and hold the mode button as you plug the charger into a well-powered USB port.
  3. Release the mode button. The Sun and Moon status lights will blink, confirming the reset has complete.
  4. Allow the band to charge fully, until the Sun glows solidly, and then remove the band from the charger.
  5. Launch the UP app and press the button on UP24 once to prompt the devices to connect. The band will sync once connected to the app.

If the band is still not responding properly, please contact us .

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