Jawbone Support

UP24 is made of durable spring steel, and encased non-latex, medical-grade hypoallergenic TPU rubber.

Band is water-resistant, but it’s not waterproof and should not be submerged in water or any other liquid.

NOTE: Do not wear the band while swimming, or in a hot tub or sauna.

AnatomyMode button
  • Press once to check modes
  • Press + hold to change from Awake mode to Sleep mode
  • Press twice, holding on the second press, to change from Awake mode to Stopwatch mode
  • Press three times, holding on the third press, to change from Awake to Power nap mode
  • Press + hold to return to Awake mode from any other state

Status lights

  • UP24 has two status lights, the Sun and the Moon. These lights communicate which mode the band is in, when you’ve changed modes, and when the band needs to be charged.
  • They also respond when the Idle Alert and Sleep Alarms are used. The status lights do not communicate through the color of the light; users should focus on the behavior of the light instead. To learn more about status lights please see here .


  • The cap is a removable accessory that covers the charging plug.

Charging plug

  • A 2.5mm audio plug is used to charge the band.
  • Note: If you previously owned an UP band, please note that the sync plug is 3.5mm instead of 2.5mm. As a result, the charger and cap for UP is incompatible with UP24. You also cannot plug UP24 into your phone's audio jack.

Warranty Information