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Switching Modes

UP24 is always on, sensing your everyday steps and movements, but the band can also capture other kinds of activities. Watch the video below or read instructions to find more about the different modes and how to switch.

Switching Modes



  • Default mode of UP24, used to track movement throughout the day.
  • Always start in this state before changing to another mode. To check which mode you’re in, press the mode button once and watch for the status light response.

To activate: default mode (no need to activate)

Band response: sun flashes once

To deactivate: change to another mode



  • Tracks movement during a specific period of time, like during a hike or a run.

To activate: press button twice, holding on the second press

Band response: sun flashes three times

To deactivate: press + hold the button




  • Records the quality and duration of your (light and deep) sleep.

To activate: press and hold button

Band response: moon flashes once

To deactivate: press + hold the button


Power Nap

  • Calculates the optimal nap length and wakes you with gentle vibrations during a period of light sleep, so you feel more refreshed.

To activate: press button three times, holding on the third press

Band response: moon flashes three times

To deactivate: press + hold the button

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