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Band Notifications

UP24 has two status lights: the Sun and the Moon. The status lights work with the band’s vibration motor to communicate alarms & alerts, what mode the band is in and when you’re changing from one mode to another.

Communicating Modes

Alarms & Alerts

Communicating Modes

To check which mode you’re in, press the button once and watch for the status light response.

ModeHow to activateStatus light response
AwakeDefault ModeSun flashes once

Press and hold the mode button.

Moon flashes once and band vibrates


Press the mode button twice, holding on the second press.

Sun flashes three times and band vibrates

Power Nap

Press button three times, holding on the third press

Moon flashes three times and band vibrates


To return to Awake mode from any of the modes listed above, press and hold the button on your band until the Sun flashes and band vibrates.

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Alarms & Alerts

Status lights notify you of alarms & alerts, and when the band enters a specific state.

Alarm, Alert or StateTriggerStatus Light Response
Low BatteryDisplayed automatically when band is at 10% and 5% battery life remaining5 Sun fades that decrease in intensity

Plug into charger and connect to power source

Sun LED pulses

Charging Complete

Charge to completion

Sun LED glows solidly

Lost Clock

Band’s internal clock disrupted

Sun and Moon alternate flashing 7 times.

Idle Alert

Inactivity alert set in the UP app

Sun flashes and band vibrates

Smart Alarm

Smart Alarm is set in the UP app

Moon flashes and band vibrates every three seconds for up to one minute


UP is connected to device and sync begins



For more information on modes, please see here .

For more information on alarms & alerts, please see here .

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