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UP accurately tracks data based on the personal settings (height, weight, gender & age) entered in the app and synced to the band at initial setup. There is no additional configuration required. Calibrating the band is an optional process that refines the band’s ability to measure distance traveled. This does not impact step count tracked.

How to calibrate:

  1. Plan an activity for calibration.
  • The precise distance traveled needs to be known when calibrating the band. We recommend mapping out the route you’ll take in advance, or going to a local track where you can know exactly how far you’ve walked or run.
  • Once your route is planned and you’re ready to start, put your band in Stopwatch mode by pressing the button twice, holding on the second press until the Sun flashes three times and the band vibrates. Complete the walk or run on the planned route and then return the band to Awake mode (press and hold the button until the Sun flashes and the band vibrates).
  • Press the mode button once to prompt your band to connect and sync with the app.
  • Access the right menu screen in the app by selecting the band symbol in the upper right corner of the Home screen.
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  • Click on the first menu option to access your band details. Select Calibrate
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  • Tap start calibration. The activities you’ve logged that are also suitable for calibration will appear on the next screen. Find and select the activity you completed specifically for calibration.
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  • Adjust the distance as needed and tap calibrate to sync the band and save the changes.
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Best Practices:

  • Know the exact distance of the activity used to calibrate the band, and perform the activity on level ground, avoiding inclines and hills.
  • Walk or run at a consistent pace during the calibration activity.
  • Calibrate more than once! Performing this process a few times even further refines the distance tracking.

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