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Logging Food (iOS)
  1. What's in the Meal Log?

  2. How to Add a Food Item or Meal

  3. How Do I Edit an Entry After I've Logged It?

  4. Can I Add a Food Item That Doesn't Currently Exist?

  5. Is There a Quick Way to Add Water?

  6. Restaurant FAQs

  7. How Do I Log Weight?

  8. How Do I Use Weight and Calorie Goals?

  9. What Are Common Pairings?


What's in the Meal Log?





How to Add a Food Item or Meal


Follow these 3 steps to log a meal:

Add items from the meal log
Edit your meal items
Save and complete




Add Items From the Meal Log

To add water, tap on the water icon.

Tap the Plus sign on your home screen to start.


There are multiple ways you can search for and add food items.




Search Bar

From the meal log, tap the search bar and type the name of your item.




After you've logged several meals, your most frequently logged items will appear in a list. Tap items in this list to quickly add.

If searching by name, tap the item that best matches your food. The check icon in the upper right corner will show “+1.” As you search for, and add additional items, the number will increase.


To complete your meal log, tap the check mark icon.



Popular Foods

To add a popular food, tap on it. When an item is selected it will appear highlighted and the check icon number will adjust.


Continue logging items using any of the food entry methods. Tap the check icon to continue.




Tap on the camera icon.


Take a photo of your item or select a photo from the library.


Tap the check icon to continue.        






Tap on the restaurant icon.


Search restaurant by name from the search bar or select it from the list.

​Not all restaurant menus are available. Additionally, not all menus will contain nutrition information, but you can always add this later.

From the restaurant menu, tap the items to log. You can add multiple items from the menu.


Tap the check icon to continue.



Edit Your Meal Items

Edit the serving size and nutritional values of the items in your meal log.



Serving size
Time and date
Nutritional info
Save and complete




Serving Size

Edit serving size by tapping the item and using the slider on the right to increase or decrease the amount.

Edit serving type by tapping the icons on the left side of the screen.


To return to your meal log, tap the item name.




Time and Date

Edit the time and date of your meal by tapping the time in the lower left corner. Tap Done to return to the meal log.             

Edit serving type by tapping the icons on the left side of the screen.





Log the location of your meal by tapping Add Location in the lower center, the searching for the restaurant name. 






Add more items to your meal log by tapping "Add More" in the lower right corner. 


To delete an item, tap it and swipe left, then tap Delete.






To report a problem with an item, tap it, swipe left, then tap Report.


Problems could include the following:

  • Incorrect barcode

  • Incorrect Food Score

  • Incorrect calories

  • Incorrect item name






Make your meal private by tapping the lock icon in the upper right hand corner.





Nutritional Info

Edit the nutritional content of your items by tapping the Plus icon to the right of the item name.


Tap the check icon to continue.
Note: You cannot edit items that are pre-existing in the UP library.





Save and Complete

To complete your meal, tap the check icon in the upper right corner.
Your meal will now appear on your home screen.



How Do I Edit an Entry After I've Logged It?

To edit a meal you've already logged, tap on the green bar on your home screen, then tap the meal.
You can also edit a meal by tapping it in your feed.


Scroll to the bottom of your meal details and tap Edit.

Edit any of the attributes listed here.


Can I Add a Food Item That Doesn't Currently Exist?

To add an item to your library, search for it by name then tap Add Custom Food.

Tap the check icon to view the meal details.


Tap on the item to edit portions, add nutrition information or edit the item name.

Tap the item to edit portion size, or tap the check icon in the upper right corner to continue.





Is There a Quick Way to Add Water?

Tap the food icon on your home screen.

Tap the water icon. A number will appear next to the water icon to indicate how many glasses you've added to your meal log.


Edit entry as needed and tap the check icon to continue.





Restaurant FAQs

Why doesn’t the restaurant menu have nutritional information? (US only)

We’ve organized our restaurant list into two categories – chain restaurants that publish their nutritional data online like McDonald’s or Chipotle, and local restaurants that don’t publish their nutritional information, like a neighborhood deli. For these smaller or local restaurants where nutrition information may not be available, you can add your meal manually, and UP will save it in your library so you’ll have it forever.


The restaurant menu is not accurate (missing data, dishes that no longer exist, wrong calories).

We’re constantly updating our database with new information to keep restaurant menus up-to-date, however certain restaurant menus may sometimes appear slightly outdated or may not publish calorie information. You can help us improve our database of menus in a couple of different ways:

  1. You can flag incorrect foods from within the UP application. Just swipe to the left on any inaccurate food item listed in the app to indicate an issue. When you flag, this information will go back to the restaurant. 


  1. You can also encourage your local restaurant manager to update their listing to include an accurate menu and calorie information. The menus in UP are provided by SinglePlatform. To update the menu listing the restaurant manager should contact SinglePlatform directly where they can manage your menu listing.



Telephone: 877-564-8728






How Do I Log Weight?

Log your weight directly in the app. You can also use a wifi scale by connecting it to UP in the app gallery.

From the homescreen, open the left menu and tap Weight.

Tap to edit Weight, Body Fat % and Time. Tap the check icon in the upper right corner to save.





How Do I Set Weight and Calorie Goals?

To set a weight goal with UP, open the left menu from the home screen and tap Goals. You may choose to gain, maintain or lose weight.


If you want to maintain, your weight goal will default to your current weight in UP. If your weight has changed, change it by logging your new weight on UP.

If you want to lose or gain weight, you will be able to choose your desired goal by using a slider.

When finished setting your weight goal, tap the check icon in the upper right corner to save.

Your calorie balance goal will automatically adjust to reflect your weight goal. Our recommendation is based on the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.






What Are Common Pairings?

Common pairings makes food suggestions based on the items you have already included in your current meal. If you log a coffee, UP may suggest that you also log sugar or milk. Tap any suggestion to easily add it to your meal.​


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