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Food Score

The UP® Food Score was designed to help you understand the healthiness of your meals at a glance. Based on USDA recommendations for health, Food Score represents the ratio of healthy to less healthy nutrients in your meals. Healthy nutrients, such as fiber and unsaturated fat, promote bodily function and protect against disease. Less healthy nutrients, like sugar and sodium, are tied to risk factors for certain diseases. 

Food Score rates foods on a simple scale of 1 to 10, with 1 indicating least healthy and 10 indicating most healthy. UP calculates the score of individual items and full meals that you log in the app and provides a rolling average for the day.

In addition, Food Score uses three color categories to indicate quality and healthiness:

  • Foods highlighted in green—with scores of 8 or above—are considered to have a high amount of healthy nutrients compared to the amount of less healthy nutrients.
  • Foods highlighted in yellow—with scores between 6 and 8—contain a comparable amount of healthy and less healthy nutrients.
  • Foods highlighted in red—with scores of 6 or below—are low in healthy nutrients and should be consumed in limited quantities. 

Food Score is based on three key ratios that take into account nutrients commonly considered by health professionals to indicate food quality:

  1. Fiber to sugar
  2. Unsaturated fat to saturated fat
  3. Protein to fat

These ratios allow UP to identify foods in your diet that are rich in nutrients, as well as foods that are poor in nutrients. Separately, UP analyzes the overall amount of trans fat, sodium, cholesterol, potassium and calcium in your food. 

Food Score was developed as an indicator of food quality and as such does not consider calories in its calculation. However, by setting a weight goal in the UP App, UP provides a personal daily calorie goal which helps you determine calories burned versus calories consumed, and indicates your remaining calorie balance each day. Together, the calorie goal and Food Score form a simple, intuitive and comprehensive path to healthy nutrition.

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