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Resting and Passive Heart Rate

UP3 and UP4 (U.S. onlyuse multi-sensor technology to measure both Resting Heart Rate and Passive Heart Rate for a holistic view of your heart. Measured once per day before you wake up, Resting Heart Rate is one of the best indicators of overall heart health, while Passive Heart Rate is measured throughout the day when your body is still and shows how your heart responds to daytime stress, caffeine and other stimuli.

What is Resting Heart Rate?

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Resting Heart Rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute while your body is completely at rest. It is taken before you wake up, move, eat, act or even think. 

We believe Resting Heart Rate is the most consistent measure of heart health, as it is ultimately determined by the lifestyle choices you make while you’re awake. Over time, your Resting Heart Rate trend helps provide valuable insight into your heart’s overall health. 


What is Passive Heart Rate?

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Passive Heart Rate delivers a view of your heart rate throughout the day while your body is still. It connects the dots between your lifestyle, daily routine and heart health, and does not capture the small percentage of the day when you are exercising.

Passive Heart Rate makes you aware of moments you may not have previously paid attention to and helps you understand how hydration, sleep, stress and other factors affect your heart. 

How will Smart Coach help?

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Smart Coach uses Resting Heart Rate and Passive Heart Rate as benchmarks for improvement in heart health. As Smart Coach compiles your heart data, it studies the readings to learn more about you and your body, while supplying insights and notifying you of significant trends and changes. 

You’ll notice the intelligence of Smart Coach over time, guiding you to better heart health, and highlighting how triggers, such as your daily routine and habits, help or hinder your heart. This active coaching helps inform your lifestyle choices and improve your overall health.

How do I improve my heart health?

Consider the following tips to make your heart stronger and improve your overall heart health:

  • Make healthy nutrition decisions.
  • Use UP's Food Score to learn the healthiness of your meals at a glance.
  • Stay well-hydrated.
  • Manage stress and anxiety throughout the day.  
  • Maintain a consistent bedtime and rise time. 
  • Track your sleep to bring awareness to bedtime habits and trends.
  • Develop a consistent exercise routine.
  • Abstain from excessive drinking or smoking.


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