iOS 10 Update:
The UP App has been optimized for the recent iOS 10 release. If you're having difficulties syncing or pairing your tracker on iOS 10, please update to the latest version of the UP App.
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Battery Issues

Helpful Hints

Turn Off Extra Features

Certain features require extra energy and drain your band's battery faster, such as:

  • Unnecessary smart alarms

  • ​Unnecessary alerts

Move Closer

Try keeping your band and phone closer together. Syncing requires more battery life when they're further apart.

Fully Charge Your Tracker

Your UP24 will partially charge after just 5 minutes. Be sure to charge your band up to 80 minutes for a full charge.

Watch for the sun status light to stop pulsing and emit a steady glow (which indicates the band is fully charged).


Still having battery issues? Click here for further assistance.

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