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How to Wear Your Activity Clip

The UP Activity Clip is an accessory that provides additional security for your UP band, ensuring your tracker stays safely in place throughout your day-to-day activity.

You’ll need your UP2 (Flat Strap), UP3, or UP4 tracker and your UP Activity Clip to get started.

  1. Clasp
  2. Loop
  3. Buckle
  4. Activity Clip

With the hooks facing down, attach the Activity Clip to your band one side at a time directly above the buckle

Next, carefully snap the clip into place.

Put the band on as you normally would, then slide the clip so it fits between the clasp and the buckle.

To remove the band, slide the clip away from the clasp, then unhook the clasp from the buckle.

We recommend leaving the Activity Clip attached to your tracker to avoid misplacing it.

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