Jawbone Support
Charging Your Band

To charge your band, you’ll need each of the items listed below:

  • UP24 band
  • USB charging cable (included)
  • A well-powered computer or standard USB wall adapter

Charging Instructions

Remove the cap from your UP24 then connect your band to the USB charging cable, making sure the band's charging plug snaps into place.

Next, insert the charging cable into your computer or a standard USB wall adapter. You can bend the charging cable if needed.

A full charge takes approximately 80 minutes.

The sun icon on your UP24 will pulse, which indicates its charging. When the sun icon glows steadily, your tracker has finished charging and is ready to use.

Remove the tracker from the USB charging cable and put the cap back on.

Helpful Info

Here are a few tips to optimize battery performance and get the most out of your tracker:

  • The latest UP24 firmware (version 7-3.0.21) can double your tracker's battery life up to 14 days on a single charge! Click here for firmware update instructions.
  • Review your alarms, alerts and reminders and disable any that are not needed. This will help your tracker last longer between charges.
  • Your UP24 alerts you when its battery is running low by flashing the sun icon 5 times, with increased intensity each time. The UP App can also send a push notification when your tracker needs to be charged. Double-check that battery level notifications are enabled in the Notification Settings section of the app, under Help & Settings.
  • The UP App automatically syncs with your UP24 every 20 minutes to provide the most up-to-date step data. You can stretch your tracker’s battery life further by turning off Bluetooth on your mobile device then turning it on again whenever you’re ready to sync.

Warranty Information