Try the different earbuds and sizes to find the most comfortable and secure fit. The earloop is optional.

  • Type A
  • or
  • Type B
  • or
  • Type C (Left)
  • Type C (Right)
  • +
  • Earloop (Optional)
  • Type A Earbud

    When using a Type A earbud, slip the earbud into place in your ear.

  • Type B Earbud

    When using a Type B earbud, tuck the tab behind this fold in your ear.

  • Type C Earbud

    When using a Type C earbud, put the earbud into your ear canal, push the tail into your ear fold and twist back and forth until the tail fits snugly.

  • Ensure Best Quality

    For best performance and superior noise cancellation, the patented rubber Voice Activity Sensor should touch your cheek and the headset should point towards your mouth.