UP3 Support
Pairing Your Tracker With the UP App Instructions for connecting your UP3 band with the UP App.
Charging Your Band Charge your band with the included USB charging cable and a computer or standard USB wall adapter.
Syncing Your Band Your tracker records your movements and sleep, then syncs your data wirelessly with the UP App.
Wearing and Caring To ensure your comfort and allow for accurate tracking, it’s important to wear your band properly.
Band Notifications Read about the different ways UP communicates with you via notification alerts on your band.
Finding Friends Learn how to locate and add friends in the UP App.
Connecting UP with Apple's Health App Learn how to connect UP with Apple's Health app.
What's in the Box Your package includes an UP3 band, charging cable, and a quick start guide.
Using UP with Pebble Find out how to install the UP watchface from the Pebble app store and review features.
Understanding Your Data UP offers many ways to view your data, each providing a perspective on what living UP means for you.
Tracking Sleep Your band tracks sleep automatically, measuring duration and quality (Deep, Light and REM states).
Anatomy All the parts that make up your UP3.
Resting and Passive Heart Rate UP uses multi-sensors to measure Resting and Passive Heart Rate for a holistic view of your heart.
Device Compatibility Learn which devices sync with your UP tracker and which devices can count steps without a tracker.
App and Tracker Updates Update your tracker and get the latest version of the UP App to enjoy the most recent UP features.
Downloading Your Historical Data Instructions for downloading and understanding your historical UP Data.
Find Serial Number Learn where to locate your tracker's serial number.
Download the App Need help determining which app to download?
Privacy and Notification Settings View or adjust privacy and notification settings within the UP App.
Replace an Existing Tracker Simple instructions for replacing an existing tracker in the UP App with a new tracker.
Android Wear and UP Connect your Android Wear smartwatch with UP to track daily step progress on your watch.
UP Coffee UP Coffee is an iOS app designed to help you understand how caffeine affects your sleep.
Android Permissions for UP App The UP App needs access to certain permissions in order to work properly on Android.
Tracking Mood Track your mood in the app to gain insight on how activity, sleep and food affect your well-being.
Syncing Issues Your band doesn’t sync automatically when the app opens or after waking the band up.
Pairing and Connectivity Issues Your band will not pair or connect with the UP App.
Resetting Your Band Resetting your band can resolve difficulties syncing, poor battery life, vibration issues and more.
Charging Issues The band doesn’t appear to charge or charges infrequently.
Battery Issues Battery life is shorter than expected or the band appears to charge correctly but doesn't work.
Secure Your Clasp If your band tends to fall off your wrist, an UP Activity Clip may help to secure the clasp.
Band Icons The band icons don't flash or appear to flash randomly.
Vibration Motor The band doesn't vibrate or appears to vibrate randomly.
Heart Rate Heart rate data appears inaccurate or does not display as expected in the UP App.
Food Logging (Android) Detailed instructions for logging meals and water intake within the UP App for Android.
Food Logging (iOS) Detailed instructions for logging meals and water intake within the UP App for iOS.
Alarms & Alerts Your band vibrates and flashes display icons to alert you of reminders and system notifications.
Partner Apps Connect the UP App to a variety of partner apps to enhance your UP experience.
How to Wear Your Activity Clip The UP Activity Clip provides additional security for your band, helping to keep it safely in place.
Duels Rules Duels is an in-app step battle feature. Step more than your opponent to win.
Managing Weight Set a weight goal with UP, then track your progress in relation to your activity, sleep and meals.
Logging a Workout You can manually log the duration and intensity of specific activities from within the UP App.
Food Score The UP® Food Score was designed to help you understand the healthiness of your meals at a glance.
Multi-Sensor Sleep Tracking Multi-sensor technology provides advanced sleep detail, including Light, Deep, and REM sleep states.
Smart Coach Smart Coach delivers personalized tips and well-timed reminders to help you make better choices.
Interacting with Friends Leave comments and encouragement to motivate your friends in the UP App.
Set a Goal Set and adjust step, sleep, and weight goals within the UP App.
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