UP App Support
Downloading Your Historical Data Instructions for downloading and understanding your historical UP Data.
Android Permissions for UP App The UP App needs access to certain permissions in order to work properly on Android.
Android Wear and UP Connect your Android Wear smartwatch with UP to track daily step progress on your watch.
Privacy and Notification Settings View or adjust privacy and notification settings within the UP App.
Download the App Need help determining which app to download?
Tracking Mood Track your mood in the app to gain insight on how activity, sleep and food affect your well-being.
Smart Coach Smart Coach delivers personalized tips and well-timed reminders to help you make better choices.
Set a Goal Set and adjust step, sleep, and weight goals within the UP App.
Partner Apps Connect the UP App to a variety of partner apps to enhance your UP experience.
Food Logging (iOS) Detailed instructions for logging meals and water intake within the UP App for iOS.
Food Score The UP® Food Score was designed to help you understand the healthiness of your meals at a glance.
Managing Weight Set a weight goal with UP, then track your progress in relation to your activity, sleep and meals.
Duels Rules Duels is an in-app step battle feature. Step more than your opponent to win.
Interacting with Friends Leave comments and encouragement to motivate your friends in the UP App.
Log Your Workout You can manually log the duration and intensity of specific activities from within the UP App.
Add a Reminder Set Reminders to receive a push notification for various events like bedtime, workouts, and meals.
Using the UP App Without a Tracker The UP App can automatically track your steps via your compatible mobile device's accelerometer.
Using UP with Pebble Find out how to install the UP watchface from the Pebble app store and review features.
Connecting UP with Apple's Health App Learn how to connect UP with Apple's Health app.
UP App for Windows Mobile Learn about the features offered in the UP App for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.
Finding Friends Learn how to locate and add friends in the UP App.