Getting Started

NOTE: The UP API recently updated to version 1.1, although we will continue to support version 1.0. Please see Structure and Release Notes sections for more.

The UP Platform documentation provides information related to establishing and maintaining an API connection with UP. The purpose of this API is to enable the exchange of select data in order to extend and augment the UP user experience and support complementary services. This can include data aggregation and visualization, gaming, marketing, rewards provisioning, and more.

Key principles governing the use of the UP API:

  • The data belongs to the user. We are stewards of the data and have an obligation to protect it and use it responsibly.
  • Data can only be collected with explicit user permission. Only collect what you need and only use it as you say you will.
  • User must have a mechanism to disable access and to request that any collected data be deleted.

Use of the UP API is governed by the UP API Terms Of Service. By using the API, you agree to the TOS, available for your review.

An introduction to the UP platform is available in PDF format here: Jawbone Platform Introduction

To contact the developer support team, please email

We can also be found on Twitter at @JawboneDev