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Get the user goals

Returns the goals the user has set for UP. Currently takes no parameters and is read only. NOTE: only sleep and steps are in use as UP goals at this time.

Goal data returned is controlled by the scopes meal_read, sleep_read, weight_read, and move_read. The returned result will be filtered based on the scope that user token has for your application. For example if your token only has the scope sleep_read then only the sleep goal data will be returned. If the token has all three scopes then the complete goal data set will be returned.
URI Method Response Type Returns
/nudge/api/users/@me/goals GET application/json Goals



Will return:

      "user_xid": "6xl39CsoVp2KirfHwVq_Fx",
      "message": "OK",
      "code": 200
      "time": 1382377526
      "move_steps": 10000,
      "sleep_total": 25200,
      "body_weight": 0,
      "eat_sat_fat": 0,
      "eat_sodium": 0,
      "eat_carbs": 0,
      "eat_cholesterol": 0,
      "eat_fiber": 0,
      "eat_protein": 0,
      "eat_calcium": 0,
      "eat_sugar": 0,
      "eat_unsat_fat": 0
Data Value Type Description
move_steps int Number of steps per day goal.
sleep_total int Sleep goal, in seconds.
body_weight int Body weight goal.
eat_sat_fat int Saturated fat goal, in grams.
eat_sodium int Sodium goal, in milligrams.
eat_carbs int Carbohydrate goal, in grams.
eat_cholesterol int Cholesterol goals, in milligrams.
eat_fiber int Fiber goal, in grams.
eat_protein int Protein goals, in grams.
eat_calcium int Calcium goal, in milligrams.
eat_sugar int Sugar goal, in grams.
eat_unsat_fat int Unsaturated fat goal, in grams.