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Jawbone API Console

Access the Jawbone UP API 1.1 Console here:

The link above will take you to our API console where you can immediately test our v1.1 API calls and see the returned data. You must use a Jawbone user account to authenticate to the console app in order to read and write data. Details on using the console below.

A note on security: The access tokens you create are saved in the APIGee console's server session with an idle timeout of one hour. Terminating the browser application or clearing the APIGee JSESSIONID cookie, will purge the session on your client.

Using the Console

You must authenticate to a Jawbone user account to use the console, connect your account here:

After the OAuth process the console will show "UP-AuthenticatedUser" here:

Chose the API call you would like to make here:

You will see the request and response here. NOTE: APIGee adds the headers "X-HostCommonName" and "X-Target-URI" for their console, these are not necessary for direct API calls.

Note the Authorization Header with access token here. This header is required when making any API calls.

You can configure query parameters for POST calls here:

For calls requiring an XID in the URL, add the XID here:

Headers are hard coded here:

Any questions or feedback, please contact us at