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UP API Release Notes

This page lists updates to the UP API.

8/8/14: Added "remaining for day" values to goal endpoint here.

8/7/14: Removed Cardiac endpoint (deprecated).

7/28/14: Added Goal Write here.

7/23/14: Updated Body Event to remove image and require weight. Updated Goals endpoint to remove legacy nutrient values and to add weight intent.

5/23/14: Added secret hash for Pub Sub notifications. Details here

4/11/14: Heartbleed bug developer community impact.

  • Required action for all devs here
  • Added Refresh Token endpoint to retrieve user refresh tokens here

4/2/14: API 1.1 release. Release includes:

  • Ticks data for Moves, Sleep, and Workouts. Supersedes Snapshot endpoint.
  • Sound Sleeper update (deep sleep changed to sound).
  • Change to Trends parameters ("num_buckets" replaces "range" and "range_duration")
  • Added Settings endpoint
  • Added 'share' setting for event level privacy control.
  • POST to sleep/workout endpoints now returns 201 instead of 200
  • Added programmable webhooks for Pub Sub
  • Changed event label for "Generic" to "Custom" (api calls here remain unchanged against the /generic_event endpoint).

4/2/14: API Console release here

2/26/14: Added Band Events endpoint here

1/6/14: Added Affiliate program details here

12/20/13: Added iOS SDK here

12/15/13: Added Disconnection page here

11/5/13: Added Time Zone endpoint here

11/1/13: Added Goals endpoint here