Buy 2 UP MOVE™ accessories, get 1 free! Buy 2 UP MOVE™ accessories, get 1 free!

There's a better version of you out there. Get UP® and find it.

UP® is a revolutionary system that guides you every step of the way to a better, healthier you.

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How UP works. Better.

  • UP® App

    A dashboard of your activities isn't enough. That's why we created Smart Coach. Our exclusive intelligence engine that turns raw data into your personal fitness advisor. No pain. All gain. Download now to get started

  • UP® activity tracker

    World-class sensors capture how you move, sleep and more. And because the firmware can be easily updated you will always have the best, most current features available.

  • Connected apps & hardware

    UP connects to most of the apps and devices you may already be using. UP is a smart and convenient touchpoint in your digital world. Visit the Jawbone® Marketplace

  • Reach your goals

    Soon, you'll find yourself making better choices everyday. And every one of these small victories is actually a goal in itself. UP: It's how to get there from here.

The UP® App

It's one step at a time but with bigger steps.

Smart Coach

The brains of the outfit.

It's hard to change, no matter how good your intentions. That's why we developed Smart Coach, an intelligent guide that delivers personalized tips and well-timed reminders to help you make better choices. Any activity tracker can give you data; Smart Coach delivers meaning. No one can go it alone—and with Smart Coach by your side, you won't have to.

Eat, sleep, move

How they go together to keep you going.

Improve the quality of your days and nights through a deeper understanding of how your diet, sleep, activity and the choices you make affect your health and well-being.

Family and friends

Your friends make you stronger.

Get better together. When UP® community members have three or more friends on their team, they move at least 10 extra miles a month. That's a lot of calories burned.

Which tracker is right for you?

Compare all trackers

Personalize your UP® experience with connected apps and hardware.

From personalized 12-week workout plans with Kiqplan to Orange Chef's Prep Pad food scale that gives real-time nutritional insight into your food, the UP® system makes all of your favorite apps and devices work for you.

Jawbone Marketplace


There are many ways to enhance and customize your UP® experience. They're in the Marketplace, and we've tested these products for compatibility and usefulness. Marketplace is where you go to unlock the best of Jawbone with perfectly paired devices and apps. Learn more

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Lose It!

The Health o meter® Lose It!® Scale is a wireless body fat scale with a complementary weight-tracking system. Track your weight in UP—alongside your steps, sleep and food—and keep working towards your weight goal. Learn more

Developers: Interested in developing for the UP® platform? Learn how to connect your app

Reach your goals

Get fit

Take the optimal path to fitness. Whether you're training for a big event or just want to get a few more steps into your routine, UP® pushes you to reach your fitness goals with streaks, milestones, idle alerts and more. And because UP® is designed around human nature, it knows when to push and when to lay off.

Lose weight

You'd be amazed what happens when you pay attention to what you eat. Set goals, log your meals and use food score to get the information you need to improve your diet and reach your ideal weight. With UP®, self-knowledge is power—and nowhere is it more true than your diet.

Sleep better. Feel better.

The way you feel is directly related to how well you sleep. Let UP help you make small adjustments to your routine. Once you're getting the right amount of sleep and in the healthy zone for REM, Light and Deep sleep, you may just find you have a whole new lease on life.

Join a movement.

See what's happening in the UP® community.

UP® App. Free.

You don't have to buy a tracker to test drive the UP® App. Download today and check it out. Check device compatibility

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There's a better version of you out there. Get UP® and find it.

Whether you're looking to move more, sleep better or understand your health on a deeper level, the UP system has the right tracker for you. Shop UP® Trackers

Press quotes

  • All the bands come with Jawbone's colorful app for analyzing statistics and a Smart Coach utility that takes collected data and makes exercise, diet and sleep recommendations based on it.

  • When fitness trackers can not only tell us how to live better but invisibly help us do so, they'll become immensely powerful tools. That's what Jawbone is after.

  • Jawbone's data-based, personalized approach has always helped the company set itself apart from other fitness wearable companies, which only show you your data rather than giving you ways to act on it.